Waiting for the next season of GoT? Tide yourself over with the Audiobooks

Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones series has been a big hit ever since it was first introduced years ago by George R.R. Martin. Better known as the Song of Ice and Fire series, it has been made into a highly popular HBO series. Today you can enjoy the Game of Thrones audiobook series to enjoy all the many books in the series.

The series is about the quarrel between the Stark and Lanister families, two medieval families who have their desires to rule the land and to take control of the world. This could happen even if it means the destruction of the lands around them and the communities that they love. The story is filled with an extensive variety of characters who all have their own special goals.

The book series has become popular for offering a fantastic look into the world of medieval times and the royal families that compete with each other for power. The series is also noteworthy for showcasing some exciting stories of action, romance, and thrills.

The audiobooks are especially popular. These are easily accessible from any place where one can play back media files from, thus ensuring that anyone can enjoy game of thrones book 1 audiobook free download, or any of the other books in the GoT series.

This is also paired with a great setup that is fully narrated and unabridged. Book narrator Roy Dotrice has been noted for his impressive style in keeping the story going even as it is being told by an extended variety of characters throughout the entire universe. The stories are designed to flow quite well and are very entertaining for all people to enjoy and explore.

The Game of Thrones series of audiobooks will bring people to all sorts of fantastic fantasy worlds. This is a fascinating series that all people, including those who are looking to catch up with the, hit HBO series, to check out.

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